Autumn beds and some compost

The autumn beds have been made after moving them to a sunnier location. I have been trying different mixes within the beds so see what will actually work the best of if its much of a muchness and just need to get some organic matter into the soil. I’ve got horse manure and straw with compost, grass and soil. I’ve started my own compost bins now so in the future this is what I’ll be using. Need to find a really good source for green part of the heap but this might come from my own alfalfa beds once I get them in.

Before Cleanup

Autumn beds getting ready but needs some cleaning up

My garden was really looking worse for wear after the hot summer and the disappointment of the chicken’s not making it. Cleaned up their coop and removed the wire, thinking of turning it into a greenhouse as I have the plans and the wood ready. Just need some time. Also started removing the Bird of Paradise that is slap bang in the middle of the garden. The shed also needs moving but first I want to get the greenhouse setup.

After cleanup

Cleaned up the garden moving the old chicken coop and cutting down Bird of Eden

The Bird of Paradise went straight into the compost heap along with the remaining carbon rich material that I had. Might need to turn it in two weeks and add some grass in layers to really get it going as it seems to have lost heat already. The other experiment is gathering leaves for making a leaf mould/mulch. This will take a year or so whereas if I turn the compost regularly I might have compost ready by January.

Compost bins with the leaf mould started on the right

Compost bins with the leaf mould started on the right

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