Garden Round up 2015

The inevitable garden roundup of the end of the year is pretty important to help go over what happened through the year and hopefully come to the conclusion that you’ve taken a step forward. This year has been a mix of two steps forward one step back but generally moving in the right direction as I’ve gotten into the garden more seriously. The aim as been to offset the stuff we buy in the shops for freshness and also quality, you really don’t know what has been sprayed onto the plants by the time they actually get into your fridge so why not just try grow some of the stuff at home.


I started at the beginning of the year not really knowing what I’m doing and created a garden near the bottom of the garden. By mid year this plan was showing it’s flaws as it was close under the tree and mostly shaded. What I did get or learn out of this was raised beds are the way to go. So I moved them closer to the house where there was full day sun and space for beds.


This evolved into a more permaculture based design where instead of the structured rectangle raised beds I used the lay of the land to build swales. Along these I created the raised beds to used the water build up of the swales and create a more natural layout of the beds.


I have planned rotation with the rectangle square beds where each bed was the same size and I would just loop around each year. This however doesn’t work as neatly iin the new setup but I am still going to rotate just in a more natural way. Also the main issue is time here as I’m not sure how long we’ll be in this house.


So all in all the year was spent settling on an approach of how to arrange the garden. I wanted something natural and this is what I have ended up with. Permaculture will probably be the way forward for me regarding the garden although I may dip my toe into the John Jeavons insensitive gardening approach in the beds themselves. All I know is that its been super fun getting this far and next year I’ll have a bit of a lauchpad.

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