Getting ready for Autumn

Getting back into the swing of things after my visit to South Africa. Was a really long visit and August turned into a solid heat wave meaning I got back to a tired looking garden. Planted some seeds and the cucumbers and cabbage have already come up. Trying the square foot technique now so each bed is going to be chock a block full and more variety.


The strawberries have really surprised me at how prolific they are and how easy it is to plant them. I’m thinking that this year I’ll use the 30 or so plants that have come up as seed for next years strawberry towers. That will mean that if I can get 2-3 plants out of each of these I;ll have enough to start the strawberry towers from this stock and just keep them going. Also give me enough time to start making the towers.


The first large bed has also finally gotten off the ground. I layed down a layer of compost and then some sawdust as ground cover to finish off what was already there. I bought some chives and a whole lot of herbs to plant around the beds. The sprayers fall outside the beds so thought this way I could also get some herbs out of the deal. I directly seeded radish and beets so we’ll see how those come up.


My last project was getting the compost heap sorted. It had dried out completely so I made a Frankenstein drip irrigation system to water the heap during summer when I water the garden. I will turn it weekly too just to see if I can kick start it again. There is also a compost bin that I have built for the house scraps and this I’ll also turn weekly until I see some action getting going. Need to go up to the dining room on the kibbutz and see if I can get them to save a bucket of off cut greens for me.


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