Hoping for a Negative Split Year

Been a while since I’ve managed to get my site up and running. Seems this year has been alot of learning from failures. Moving to the new house I knew starting the garden would mean that I’d be making changes next year. So far I’ve learnt a few things:

  • Don’t plant under a tree, even if it has no leaves
  • Transplanting those vegetables mid-season probably won’t work.
  • Raised beds work but you need to have sun.
  • Aphids really can be removed with some homemade spray
  • Gardening is a ton of work that sometimes doesn’t pay off.
  • Best thing for me to use in raised beds is a combo of grass and sawdust


So I planted I variety of vegetables when we moved into the new house. I had some under a bare pecan tree. Once the leaves came out that was the end of their growth and basically they went no where from there. I also had pumpkins and watermelon planted on the neighbors property. They said they didn’t mind but somewhere along the line they changed their minds and started moving and ripping the plants out. Well lesson learnt, keep within the borders of the house.

Makeshift Greenhouse

Today I started my second half of the year push. In sport you have a negative split. Basically it means finishing the year stronger. This is hopefully what will pan out but sure there may be a few more lessons in there. I planted broccoli today according to the Gardenate suggestions for my zone.

Square Gardens

The other garden method I learnt about was raised beds. It wasn’t long before I came across square foot gardening. I’ll take the raised beds I have and cut them down to make a few more square gardens in the top of the garden where there is full day sun.

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