After the storms in garden

Had a hectic two weeks of storms with a brief window this last week before an upcoming round three. This has pretty much kept me out the garden except when I had to get out there to remove fallen branches and the like. It hasn’t been all bad as the wind has created a windfall of leaves that I collected from all the neighbors, they didn’t understand what I need all the leaves for. I am THAT crazy neighbor.

Kale in the garden

My kale patch has been doing really well, so much so that I have taken to making smoothies in the morning with them. For the first time in my life I’m actually drinking green smoothies with the kale straight out the back garden. Really awesome to be able to head out to the backyard with coffee in hand and pick some fresh kale for the smoothies. Soon there’ll be strawberries growing and that will really boost the smoothies.

Kolrabi in the garden

Our beets seems to not want to form or they are taking a seriously long time to do so. The kolrabi on the other hand are starting to take shape. These are from starters I took for the organic nursery and they are about golf ball size already. Hjoping in the next week or two to get some good picking with them. The radishes are really doing well and I get the weekly harvest by thinning out and just taking the biggest ones. 

Battered Tomato's

My tomato experiment has really been battered by the storms. The first storm basically blew down the stakes and bending the plants over. I re-staked them and tied them more liberally so they wouldn’t bend over again. The next week’s storm however removed the pecan tree branch just above the garden and this bed was the hardest hit. If I get any tomatoes out of these I’ll be super surprised but again they came out in the compost so what ever survives survives as far as I’m concerned.

Salad Greens

The greens have really shone through this winter. Our salad patch and the spinach is really starting to take shape. I can harvest salad greens as often as I want at the moment and there is space for a few more salad greens that I migh tjust need to fill. So nice having a variety of salad greens instead of the standard lettuce.


Broccoli patch has been putting out huge leaves but as yet I think the weather has kept them pretty much dormant. I have seen some of the front yard’s broccoli coming up nicely now but these are not really growing that fast. Will hopefully pick up now in the next few weeks as things get a bit more sun during the day although the coldest part of the year in Israel is coming up. Time will tell

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