Basic Soap for the First Time

Been wanting to make a basic soap for quite a while now and just been intimidated by the process. I mean you’re using caustic soda. This stuff clean drains after all. So needless to say I put it off for a while even though I had all the ingredients waiting. This weekend it was raining and there wasn’t any football till late on the telly so I decided to give it a go.

Basic Soap

Melting oils for basic soap

  • Coconut Oil 129g
  • Palm Oil 156g
  • Olive Oil 233g


  • Water 181g
  • Caustic Soda 77g

Palm oil

First of all you’ll see that everything is measured by weight. This is also one of those things I didn’t estimate on. I got out the scale and measured everything down to the gram. The next important thing to keep in mind is that caustic soda is not a nice chemical to get onto the body, WEAR SAFETY EQUIPMENT.

Getting the oil and lye ready

  1. Weight all ingredients individually first before starting anything
  2. Prepare equipment: pot, thermometers, hand mixer, water, towels, etc.
  3. Put on goggles, face mask and gloves
  4. Outside the house I mixed the caustic soda and into the water, slowly slowly
  5. Once the lye was mixed in really was heating up so left it outside to cool down in ice bowl
  6. Heated palm oil and coconut oil in the pot for making the soap.I removed it from the heat once most was melted and used the risidual heat to melt the rest of the solid oil.
  7. Added oilive oil to the melted oil and stirred well. I checked the temperature and it was 45℃
  8. Lye was at 55℃ so just waited while they both cooled to 30℃ before mixing
  9. Once at 30℃ I poured the lye into the oil mix really slowly mixing with a spoon to really incorporate everything
  10. I then used the hand blender to mix in figure of eight motion using bursts of the mixer os just contanstly letting it work. Apparently this can make a false trace
  11. Everntually after a few minutes the saponification had started and the oils and lye were starting to combine. This leaves a trace in the mixture that looks like custard
  12. Poured the mixture into a cake mold and covered with some wax paper. Wrapped this in an old t-shirt and left it for 24 hours.

Now I need to wait for 4 weeks or so to give the process time to work all those chemicals out and make actual soap. I’m wondering whether I should make another batch before that time or wait and see what the results are. I’m really looking at making a pure olive oil soap. Will need to see how and when this will happen


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