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I’ve started making sourdough bread in the last month and have had an itch to start making beer again. More correct to say that too many people have asked when I’ll be making another batch. So with the new year I’ve decided to challenge myself with making a sourdough based brew every week for 2016. Might be a bit of a stretch but this blog will hopefully keep me on track. I must preface by saying that I make 10 liter batches so not that big of an issue and may just bring that down to 5 liters if I see things are getting hectic. First on the list is a basic Berliner Weisse.

Berliner Weisse Recipe


  • 2kg Wheat Malt
  • 0.5kg Vienna Malt


  • 7g @ 30 minutes


  • 500ml Sourdough Starter

Berliner Weisse boiling away
Malt Process

  1. Heated 14.3 liters of tap water to 72℃ along with 1/4t of citric acid and 1 campden tablet
  2. Prepared the bag with the grains in the water cooler for the mashing
  3. Poured 74℃ water into cooler. Once in the temperature of the water was 68.5℃ which is a touch high but nothing that much to worry about.
  4. Took pH reading and it was 6.9pH!!!!!! I need to increase citric acid to a teaspoon instead of 1/4t
  5. Let the saccharification run for 90 minutes. Unfortunately I don’t that the means to bring it up to the desired 76℃ as I need to move it to the pot.
  6. Another sample of the pH and also a pre-boil gravity reading before boiling gave me 5.8pH and a gravity of 1.039. I also have 12.5 liters in the pre-boil. My numbers are really off with an efficiency of 62.3%.
  7. Temperature at the start was 62℃ and it took a whole 40 minutes to get to a rolling boil. Will need to invest in a proper burner some time.
  8. After 30 minutes I added the 7g of hops. I only wanted to add 5g but a bit spilled and thought what the heck. This in hindsight has given a bit more bitterness than I wanted.
  9. I finished the boil but seeing as it was so late and I hadn’t really organized as I needed I let it cool naturally overnight.
  10. The next morning I poured in the sourdough starter and covered her up.

Spent Grain

  • 08/01/2016: Started in the morning with the sourdough starter.
  • 10/01/2016: No sign of any fermentation yet. I have read though that it does take some time.

Berliner Weisse ready to ferment
I may need to actually look up a recipe of a Berliner Weisse and then go from there. I think the whole add wheat and hope for the best might not be the best option.

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