Berliner Weisse Tasting Notes for B#013 2

I’m a sucker for punishment and unfortunately am not really learning from my mistakes in brewing Berliner Weisse. I keep not getting the souring part correct and this one looked great and I loved the color but the flavor just isn’t where I want it. It’s not sour enough and there the slight off flavors and what’s I’m looking for in such a light beer. This Berliner Weisse tasting revealed that I still have a ways to go.

Berliner Weisse tasting B#013
Brewed on 13/02/16. Tasting on 08/04/16.


Sourdough bread small straight after the pour with a slight sulphur element. Hints of vegetables.


Hazy light wheat color with a good creamy white head


Sour, malty and bready. Bit of a watermelon in the background. Freshly squeezed lemon’s and limes


Light palate and carbonation. Dry mouthfeel.


Really light sour beer with an off smell that lets the beer down a touch.

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2 thoughts on “Berliner Weisse Tasting Notes for B#013

    • hiltonmeyer Post author

      Hi Hugo,
      I was trying to sour with the wlp677 in the wort but it was eating through the sugar and started fermenting. I tried a yogurt source for souring wort too but that also didn’t work out. What was your process. I’m finding that this simple beer really is quite a hard one to nail.