BIAB Efficiency issues

Moving over to Brew in a Bag as my makeshift all-grain brewing setup was really an eye opener and one I did early on. At first I would just chuck everything in and beer would come out the other side. Brewing though is a slippery slop and once I started measuring things and taking notes I realise my BIAB Efficiency was shite. My last brew day came in with a 55% effeciency and I now keep DME around or sugar to get the alcohol up. My beer is suffering and I really would like to find the actual issue.

Solution to BIAB Efficiency issues

I started with checking the water as I thought that the pH might be a problem but even with a mash sitting at a cool 5.3pH I still was not getting anywhere near 60% never mind 80% where I would really like to get up to. I thought maybe I was waiting to long after the grains were milled but this also didn’t hold up as I brewed the day after getting the grain. I have read that a fine grain is required and recommended so I decided to take the plunge and get a grain mill.

Solution to BIAB Efficiency issues

One of the cool things is that I can now buy in bulk and get cheaper prices and mill the grain while waiting for the water to hit strike temperature. This should give me the best freshness and a finer mill. It seems that the deeper you get into this hobby the more you learn how important control is every step of the way.

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