Hard Earl

Yet again I’m looking to step this Kombucha experiment up and now is the time to make a big batch and then make a hard kombucha along with a bit of wort. Not sure if it’s beer or kombucha but it will be about a 50/50 mix in the beginning.

Earl Grey Kombucha

Amt Name Type
3.00 tbl Pu-Erh Tea
500 ml Hot Water Water
100g White Sugar Carbohydrate
3 liter Cold Water Water
1 SCOBY Yeast


  1. Added hot water to jar
  2. Added Earl Grey to water and steep for 5 minutes
  3. Added the cold water to bucket and added sugar, stirring it vigorously to dissolve the sugar
  4. Strained the tea into the syrup mix
  5. Added the SCOBY along with 2 cups of kombucha from previous batch

Fermentation and Bottling

  1. 02/03/16: Stared fermentation
    • 4.7 pH
    • 1.032 SG
  2. 07/03/16: 
    • 4.6 pH

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