APA getting some Kumquat

So the APA turned out great and is actually the first beer since I started I’m pretty happy with. I bottled a few of them and put the rest on some kumquats I had picked from the neighbors yard, with permission of course. So my first Kumquat APA was born, below is how I went about getting it into the bottle.

Kumquat APA

I was in contact with Moshe after posted pictures of the APA going onto the kumquat’s. He cooks with them and extracts some serious bitterness with only a handful. I had used one kilogram on 10 liters!!!!!! So I was rather worried when I got back home after our little beer and hazarded a taste of the beer. It was not bitter but actually not bad at all with a heavy citrus element. So I decided not to tempt fate and bottled the next day. I’ll give them a while and see how they turn out.

Bottled APA

Overall the beer had been on the fruit for only four days so not too much. Even with this short time the citrus fruit is really prominant. I reckon with some pre-planning next time I could use a more appropriate hop bill to really try bring that citrus sweetness more into balance and brew a bigger batch. Possibly 1 kilogram for a whole batch of 18 liters.

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