Tasting Notes for B#010

These are the tasting notes for the Berliner I tried brewing using only sourdough starter as the yeast. I thought it would be more sour but this did not come through.

Brewed on 16/01/16. Tasting on 25/03/16.


Light bready smell. Has a kiwi sweet smell coming through. Bit of a cleaning agent element in the background


Light bronze with tones of bubbles out the bottle so at least carbonation was spot on. Big white fluffy head. Pretty clear with just a touch of cloudiness


Tart with a soapy flavor. Has a bready and some metallic taste coming through. The sour bread becomes more evident as the beer warms up.


Light, clean and a fizz from the high carbonation. There is though a touch of astringency.


Not too style exactly with the lack of sourness. Needs some more lacto in there. Seeing as this was only sourdough though is pretty cool. The color surprises me as this is a 50:50 wheat:pilsner as it should be. I thought that a Berliner should be lighter.

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