Tasting Notes for B#011

This one turned out to have some really crazy banana action going on that I have no idea where it came from. Going to save some of the yeast for future projects to get this intentionally. Be great to see if this does come through again in a clean beer. Might just need to do an acid rinse to make sure it’s only sacc in there. This yeast looking at my notes for this “Berliner” was from session #009 which was my first attempt at using just sourdough starter. This is no Berliner though as the malt bill is way off. It is an interesting beer that could be developed a bit more.

Brewed on 23/01/16. Tasting on 26/03/16.


Slightly banana with a mineral element. No hops or malt


Amber with a beautiful red hue. Off style completely but so too is the flavor. Hazy bubbly off white head of foam.


Banana with a little touch of hops. There is a flintly element and some fresh baked sourdough bread in the finish.


Thick mouthfeel although not oily but has some body. Slightly astringent. The carbonation is spot on as it dances on the tongue.


This is turning into a nice summer beer. The flavor is interesting but again the lack of sourness throws this off a bit. Might be great to use this yeast after doing a sour wort with pro-biotics.

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