Spent Grain Cookie

So what do you do with a whole lot of spent grain after making beer. Cookies of course. […]

Fire Cider

Fire Cider

Winter is coming!!! Well it is here and it is getting colder although I must say it’s pretty […]


Leaf Mulch

Winter has finally arrived and the tree’s are loosing their leaves. I have been collecting leaves since September […]


Aquaponics Proof Of Concept

Aquaponics. Been looking into this a long time and it’s really an interesting concept. I’ve stopped eating meat […]


Garden Round up 2015

The inevitable garden roundup of the end of the year is pretty important to help go over what […]


Finally Found Permaculture

It took a while but through my organic investigations I ran across permaculture. I have been reading ferociously […]


Magic beans

Doesn’t look like much at the moment except the compost bins which I’m quite proud of but in […]