Split Saison

This time around I had the right yeast to actually make a Saison instead of last times debacle. […]

Solera #2

My new found interest in yeast has led me down trying to harvest dregs from bottles and then […]

Kumquats going in

A Cascade of Ale

For the first time I was happy with a beer. Not over the moon but satisfied that what […]

Bottled APA

APA getting some Kumquat

So the APA turned out great and is actually the first beer since I started I’m pretty happy […]

Tasting Notes for B#011

This one turned out to have some really crazy banana action going on that I have no idea […]

Boil on 3

Am I a hop head???

The basic answer to that question would be not really. I haven’t fully embraced hops yet although I […]

Tasting Notes for B#010

These are the tasting notes for the Berliner I tried brewing using only sourdough starter as the yeast. […]

Mashing in

The Season has Started

The classic saison, a farm house workers beer. My understanding is they would make this beer during the […]