Worm box quick and simple

I’ve been reading up quite a bit about vermiculture or worm composting. This sounds like a fantastic idea and someone on the kibbutz actually has a farm going already. I just needed to get a composting worm box setup.

Putting on the wire

Slapping a Worm Box Together

So the idea is to get the bedding up and running, I’ll be using shredded paper and sawdust. This needs to be kept moist which will be the biggest issue in Israel with the hot summer coming up. I’ll put a container into his worm box with some fresh food so that they’ll move into the new home after a few days.

Complete Wormbox
The bottom of the worm box needs good drainage so I used the fencing I found to build the nursery for the chicks. Been looking into permaculture too so I’ve been thinking how to get this whole ecosystem working together. Also been trying to use materials found around the bins, giving someone else’s “junk” a new life.

Bottom wire
The box itself is basically old wood that is in its third life. It was a deck at the office at work that was ripped up. I took the better pieces and it was a gate in the old house. I took it along to the new house thinking I’d use it with the chickens. I used the frame but not the wood. So I cut the pieces I needed and put it together for the worm box. No need to pat me on the back 😉

Wormbox insideNow all that’s left to do is go pick up the worms. I’ll probably do that over the weekend and try and setup some sort of watering system. I though about using the arduino to monitor temp and moisture levels. That might be something else I can do to keep me busy in the evening.

Chicken Nursery from an old Cupboard

Not sure what to even call this as it’s not an incubator but rather a chicken nursery for young chicks until about a month old. Might need to read up a bit and find out exactly what it’s called. I’ve found a source for cheap chick’s in the village next to the kibbutz. So I went along and it seems these will be perfect to get started with and learn about how to keep my chickens fit and healthy.

Chicken Nursery

Chicken Nursery

I’m trying to re-use stuff and not go out and buy or build something from scratch. No point in pouring cash into a project that might not be worthwhile in the end. So I found an old cupboard and fencing. This was a cupboard for a corner so it’s pretty big. I ripped out the shelving and removed the glass that was on the door. I replaced this with some old fencing I found lying around to give proper ventilation and turned the cupboard on its side. This gives me plenty of space and easy access, most importantly the chick’s can’t get out and nothing can get in. I also put it on an old table stand to raise it off the ground.

Old Cupboard
A few holes drilled into the side just to add to ventilation if I close the front with some sheeting during bad weather. The final part was getting some heat in there as I understand the first few weeks they need to be kept warm. I used one of the drilled holes and attached a light fitting. A friend has a lightbulb that gives warmth and a bell watering container that I’ll pick up tomorrow. So all in all this is a recycled chick nursery with zero out lay. Took about an hour to slap together and pretty happy with the results. Might find some paint lying around and let the kids have some fun giving it a new coat.

Light Fixture for Warmth

Vegetable Trellis for Cucumbers and Zucchini

I put in some cucumbers and zucchini a week or two ago and needed to somehow get a vegetable trellis system up and running. I had a few idea’s of how to get it up and with some trial and error I got the vegetable trellis stable. Took a look on Google to see more or less what I needed to do.

vegetable trellis

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