ORA Errors

Alert Log Errors Just a quick one that might be of use for the future. These are some of the open ended ORA errors that you may come across in the alert log and what they mean: ORA-00600: Internal Error ORA-07445: Operating System Exception ORA-04031: Out of Memory I also found a note on MOS […]

HTML Alerts in EBS

For some unknown reason Alerts have not been kept up-to-date with regards to being able to send messages with a bit more customization. There is no HTML format so some form of customization is required. Setup Custom Email The first thing you need to do is to create the custom method for sending emails. This […]


Clean out /tmp

I was looking for something to clean out the temp directory on the application server. -maxdepth 1 Only top directory as I don’t want to do anything with folders as I can deal with these seperately -type f Only files -mtime +7 7 Days old -not -exec fuser -s {} Not currently in use -exec […]

Hugepages in Linux

Set memlock Set the value for memlock in /etc/security/limits.conf to a value slightly smaller than RAM. First find the size of the RAM if you don’t know it off hand. good to check just to be on the safe side and then set the value to a little under this according to Oracle. [root@oracle ~]# […]



R12 Application Tier Size Continuously Increases

An issue on a customer site popped up. There was an increase is size usage on the Application Tier without reason. I checked the $INST_TOP and the concurrent programs did not seem to indicate anything out of the ordinary although I did see a few issues but that is for a future post. I decided […]

Oracle Applications Table Migration

Setup OATM Script for a before and after check of the tablespaces. I run this into a file before and after to check the changes made. I use the tablespace info script. The first time the script is run it will ask you to create a log directory during the first run so you may […]


Submit Request Set in PL/SQL

PL/SQL to be able to submit a request set from a program if required: declare req_id number := 0; vresult boolean; l_user_id number := 123; l_resp_id number := 1; l_resp_appl_id number := 1; begin fnd_global.apps_initialize (l_user_id, l_resp_id, l_resp_appl_id) ; vresult := fnd_submit.set_request_set (‘XXCUS’, ‘FNDRSSUB2583′) ; if (vresult) then dbms_output.put_line (‘Set Request Set’) ; else dbms_output.put_line […]

Tablespace Info 1

Query for basic tablespace info: select nvl (b.tablespace_name, nvl (a.tablespace_name, ‘UNKNOWN’)) “Tablespace” , kbytes_alloc “Allocated MB” , kbytes_alloc – nvl (kbytes_free, 0) “Used MB” , nvl (kbytes_free, 0) “Free MB” , (kbytes_alloc – nvl (kbytes_free, 0)) / kbytes_alloc * 100 “Used” , data_files “Data Files” from ( select sum (bytes) / 1024 / 1024 kbytes_free […]



SQL Developer Freezes with Connection Information 2

Not nice when any program freezes and doesn’t want to open, esspecially when suddenly you have to do something urgent. Well came across this problem today when trying to open SQL Developer 4 it froze. I’d have to go to task manager to kill it and not really sure what the problem is. I will […]