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R12.2 Adding server to Weblogic

In R12.2 with Weblogic now playing a huge role as well as java also creating resource heavy processes you will eventually run into a situation where you want to add servers to Weblogic. I'd actually recommend adding at least one more oa_core server as this is the one we've noticed is causing most of the issues.

Some checks and background #

Oracle recommends up to 150-200 concurrent users per JVM of size 2 GB. You can use the EBS Active Users Script to find the current value but you should track this over time to give you an indication of how many users are in the system.

Finding the next available port

Adding Server #

Add oacore_server2 via command line:

perl $AD_TOP/patch/115/bin/adProvisionEBS.pl ebs-create-managedserver \
   -contextfile=$CONTEXT_FILE \
   -managedsrvname=oacore_server2 \
   -servicetype=oacore \
   -managedsrvport=7205 \

Start the new managed server as follows:

$ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/admanagedsrvctl.sh start oacore_server2

Added details of the newly added managed server into the OHS configuration files mod_wl_ohs.conf and apps.conf via command line as below:

perl $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/txkSetAppsConf.pl \
   -contextfile=$CONTEXT_FILE \
   -configoption=addMS \

perl $FND_TOP//patch/115/bin/txkSetAppsConf.pl \
-contextfile=<CONTEXT_FILE> \
-configoption=addMS \
-oacore=<host>.<domain>:<port> \
-oafm=<host>.<domain>:<port> \
-forms=<host>.<domain>:<port> \

Bounce the apache server:

sh $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/adapcctl.sh stop
sh $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/adapcctl.sh start

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