hilton meyer

Articles of things I've learnt or tricks I've found in the database and web development

Add linting to Vue

Adding linting to a Vue project

Add linting to JS Project

Format code automatically and keep to standards

Add certificate to AWS Certificate Manager with Netlify hosted domain

Add certificate to AWS Certificate Manager with Netlify hosted domain

Call Stack

Deep dive into the Call Stack in Javascript

Customize Bullet Style

How to customize a bullet with ::marker

Sticky Headings

How to make headings stick to the top of the screen while you scroll

CSS Reset

A file for getting started on CSS projects

Learning in Public

How I go about learning

Move Zero

Solution to the Leetcode problem of moving zero's to the end of an array

Prime Count

Solution to the Leetcode problem of counting the number of prime numbers less than a given non-negative number

First Unique Character in a String

Solution to the Leetcode problem of finding the first unique character in a string.

Add Testing to Existing Vue Project

After a Vue project is up and running or on older project you want to add testing. This is how I went about it using vue-cli

Custom Bash Command Prompt

Customize bash prompt with various colors

Fauna with netlify functions

Setup fauna using netlify functions

VS Code Terminal Environment Variables

Setting environment variables and alias for the Integrated terminal in VS Code

Adding Jest for testing

Setting up a project with Jest and Supertest to enable testing in an application

Basic 11ty Setup

My step by step to get a site up and running using 11ty

Setup wemos ESP8266 board in Arduino client

How to setup connection to Wemos board for Arduino

Adding Tailwind CSS to 11ty

Add CSS to a 11ty project using TailwindCSS

Protect git branch and prevent master push

How to keep someone from pushing directly to the master branch and preserving develop branch in PR

CSS Breakpoints

Reference for CSS breakpoints in Responsive Web Pages

Using 11ty with Parcel

How to use 11ty to generate content and ParcelJS for bundling JavaScript

Parcel Setup

Getting started with parcel

Debugging using VS Code

How to start debugging in VS Code

Nodemon delay

Delay the restart of nodemon when doing changes

Creating a sitemap in 11ty

How to setup 11ty to create a sitemap for web crawlers and search engines

Word Counter

Showing the running counter of words in a textfield

Git commit file to previous commit

How to add, AKA amend, a fix to a previous commit

Travis build branch for github pages

How to specify the branch for Travis CI to build to

Character Counter

Showing the running counter text length of a textfield

Toggle Multiple Fields

Showing or hiding the passwords of multiple fields on a form

Toggle Password Visibility

Password toggle feature for a login page

11ty Hosted on Netlify

My hacked way of setting up automatic deployments on my hosted server

Travis automated build and hosted deployment

My hacked way of setting up automatic deployments on my hosted server

Git commit messages

Best practice for creating commit history in Git

11ty curly braces and nunjucks

How to escape curly braces in eleventy using the Nunjucks templating engine

Find deleted file in Git

Finding a file that went MIA from a git repository

Dates in 11ty used in templates

Dealing with Dates to String in Javascript

Update Date for 11ty file

Adding a field to show the last updated date of the article using Front Matter Data of 11ty

11ty Markdown Attributes

Adding Attributes to Markdown using 11ty

R12.2 Adding server to Weblogic

Adding a secondary server such as oa_core to weblogic in Oracle EBS R12.2

EBS Installed Applications

Scripts for find EBS Installed Applications

R12.2 Startup and Shutdown

Scripts for starting and stopping R12.2 EBS